What is a clutch?

Every modern girl, regardless of style, uses various additional accessories, and fashion handbags can be called one of the most important accessories. A bag is such an item that can perform practical functions and complement your look. And make it more concise and complete. Women's bags have a tremendous ability to add uniqueness in a regular way. For example, a clutch bag will perfectly complement any evening outfit. The bag can rightfully be called the unchanging attribute of every lady. This item has long become an independent item, which attracts priority attention, along with shoes. That is why the quality of this accessory should always be at its best.

The clutch is a miniature and elegant accessory that will become an indispensable companion for business events, cocktail party and everyday life. The secret of this product's unprecedented popularity lies in its practicality and grace.

What is a clutch?

Thanks to the will of the designers a clutch can take any form and appearance:

simple rectangular - a classic model that is often complemented by laconic design and neutral colors. It is ideal for evening dresses;

the envelope is a soft and flat bag. It is recommended to attend business events;

evening clutch on a thin metal chain is the best solution for festive events;

a clutch purse is a versatile option that is perfect for both businesswomen and socialite parties.

Clutches were introduced into mass fashion thanks to Coco Chanel. After all, it was the fashion house Chanel in the early '50s that presented a small stylish handbag with a gold chain. The metal chain on the wallet has literally become a phenomenon and has blown up the world, because earlier women had to carry purses in their hands, and Coco managed to break this trend.

This is still a trend, though, in recent years, women's clutches have changed a lot. Now it is almost an indispensable attribute to an evening dress and a business suit. It is usually worn under a sundress and even jeans. In other words, this accessory will have a place in every woman's wardrobe. Clutch is one of the varieties of handbags that fits freely in the hand. It should be understood that the size is not at all. You can carry papers and even magazines in some kinds of clutches. The case is in the style that allows you to grasp and safely hold this handbag in one hand if necessary. Straps and chains only make clutch to be more practical.

Clutches have many advantages:

they do not aggravate the image;

a thin strap capable of elegantly decorating a dress or outfit;

they allow you to bring everything you need and do not take up much space.

The only thing they are inferior to bags is the capacity. For centuries women have always tried to look perfect everywhere. In order not to aggravate the evening image, they had to bring with them only a purse, in which in addition to the money the fashionistas managed to put also a mirror, blush, and lipstick. Later the wallets transformed into something that is more spacious. This is how the first clutches appeared.