Boater is the fashionable hat

Fashion for women's hats varies from year to year, but this wardrobe item does not lose relevance. Modern women of fashion use hats not only for their intended purpose - to protect them from the cold. Today it is also a stylish accessory that can give completeness to the image. This approach has led to the fact that women’s fashion hat is now chosen not only based on the type of face, hairstyle, but also in accordance with the style of clothing. For example, knitted large viscous hats with buboes, which modern youth so loved, are best suited to a sports style or a folk-style costume. These hats look good to complete with a scarf.

A few seasons ago, stylists and designers decided to resurrect the once-popular boater hat, and fashion bloggers have come up with the idea. Now on the catwalks and photos of the city looks it is possible to find images supplemented with these hats. Fashionistas should definitely take a boater and add it to their wardrobe.

Boater is the fashionable hat

The classic hat is a rounded hat with a flat tulle and narrow perpendicularly spaced fields.

Often models are decorated with ribbons, and sometimes you can find variants with a visor or wider fields. In addition to ribbons, flowers and veils are used to decorate the hat.

Popular materials for boater hats:

1. Straw.

Traditional boater is made of straw and its main function is sun protection. Often, wheat is used which is steamed and soaked in hot water.

2. Felt.

Such a hat can be worn in the off-season. It will not only fit harmoniously into the image, but it will also protect against wind, slight colds, and precipitation.

3. Textile.

Lightweight models are perfect for summer. They will become protection from the sun's rays and complete the selected image. Fabric models are not recommended for washing, it is better to use dry cleaning.

Not every outfit will compliment your hat successfully. But for the harmonious completion of some of the images, it is really needed.

What to wear with a boater hat:

• plant prints – air dresses and sundresses, spacy skirts and light blouses - here the boater will come in handy. And if the outfit is decorated with floral patterns - the image will look even more spectacular. The ideal look is to use a set of cute dresses in the style of Provence with warm shades and thatched straw hat in tone.

• shirts – a boater in addition to a shirt image is a win-win solution. The shirt can be solid or print, saturated or pastel. Hats with classic black or white variants look great. Any bottoms can be chosen - a trapezoid mini-skirt, knee-length flared skirt, classic trousers or casual jeans.

• open shoulders – a charming and romantic look can be obtained by adding a boater hat to a dress or blouse with the open shoulders. Use the play with contrasts - for light things, pick a dark hat, and vice versa.

• Suit – look like the famous Coco Chanel using a boater is completed with a suit. Short cut jacket and classic skirt - stylish image of a businesswoman is ready. The skirt can be replaced with trousers, and this outfit will not suffer at all.