Nightgowns: kinds and materials

The main criterion for choosing a wardrobe for sleep is comfort and safety. Women's pajamas should be considered as universal home clothes in which you can go all day without wearing a bathrobe, for example, on a weekend. The stylish “two” in the form of trousers and a T-shirt allows the girl to remain beautiful even when only a reflection in the mirror looks at her. For a married woman, nightgowns are a kind of status, an indicator of taste, the ability to once again emphasize sexuality and the ability to look fashionable to households. The health, well-being, and mood of its owner depend on the quality of the fabric and style of women's pajamas.

As a rule, doctors and health professionals recommend sleeping undressed: so your body rests better. However, many still use nightgowns. Some women feel more comfortable in it, someone is freezing at night, and someone still considers sleep naked as something unacceptable.

Nightgowns: kinds and materials

Thanks to progress and the fashion industry today we have a large selection of nightgowns, and everyone can find beautiful, comfortable and high-quality things for the taste.

How to choose a nightgown: the most important thing

First and the main is the material of the nightgown, which should be natural. In such clothes, it is easier for the skin to "breathe", and soft and pleasing fabric will provide a healthy sleep.

In addition, it is necessary to focus on the ambient temperature. In the summer, thin cotton and silk nightgowns are good. Long warm nightgowns will be suitable for winter.

Style is, of course, important. Nowadays, the problem of choice is not worth it, and any woman can pick up nightgowns of a suitable cut for any figure.

• Baby doll nightgowns. As a rule, a short model a la "doll", decorated with ruffles, and ribbons, is a fairly short combination. It can be either long or short. Some can be different from baby dolls with a more strict and elegant style. Usually, it is sewn from silk fabric. This model is also worn in everyday life - for example, under a jacket or dress.

• Classic nightgowns are a simple cut in soft colors. The time-tested model will suit anyone.

• T-shirt. In fact, an elongated T-shirt that covers the neckline and descends just below the hips. It is considered to be the model for young girls.

• Classic nightgowns - a nightie with a style borrowed from a classic shirt with buttons and a straight cut. Unlike a shirt, it is an independent item of the wardrobe. Choosing a material is a paramount task. Sleeping in clothes made of natural materials is deeper and calmer - natural tissues better pass oxygen and provide quality heat exchange.

The most successful materials are:

• rayon, modal;

• fleece, flannel, linen, cotton;

• silk.

Viscose is pleasant and soft to the touch. This material is sufficiently flexible and supple - beautiful and elegant models are successfully sewn from it. Modal is an improved type of viscose that absorbs moisture one and a half times more effectively than cotton.

Cotton is a classic material for nightwear. Perfectly allows the skin to "breathe", regulates heat exchange and is comfortable for the body. The main drawback of cotton is that it is difficult to cut it into an elegant product.