What about grey pants?

Classic models fit almost every lady. The vertical lines of the stripes and straight cut allow you to hide the fullness of the legs or, depending on the shape, remove the emphasis on their excessive thinness. Most often, such trousers can be seen at office workers, because this model goes well with shirts and strict blouses, as well as with jackets, blazers, and jumpers. But also women put on classic models when they go out. In creating an evening look - to the extent of strict and open - this type of clothing can play a significant role. In this case, a simple shirt is replaced, for example, with an elegant blouse made of light fabric (chiffon, silk) or a stylish open top with sequins.

In the world of women's fashion, the trivial question is whether to wear pants, finally lost significance. Carefully, timidly starting the way, today women's pants occupy a leading position in the fashion Olympia. A variety of models, color variations, practicality, and compatibility with popular styles will help fashionistas of different ages find the right model.

What about grey pants?

Today women’s attention is paid to grey pants. Contrary to popular belief, this type of trousers is suitable for office work, walks, parties and other types of activities. Taking as a basis thematic selection of photos, all girls will confidently make a choice. The use of the described color in the creation of major fashion trends inspires the hope that in the new season wardrobes will be replenished with similar items of clothing.

Some ladies are convinced that grey pants and a bright, memorable image are things that are incompatible. Youth proves the opposite, boldly experimenting with a variety of grey nuances. A wide palette of shades is able to reconcile fervent fans of eternal opposites - black and white.

Being basic, grey is a solid foundation for different color combinations. The duets with white, black, yellow, blue, purple, red tones are equally harmonious.

Young slim girls can fearlessly try on light grey pants. The second item for pants is selected depending on the situation. At work, it is preferable to show up in blouses, shirts of white or black colors. The acceptable leisure option will be a T-shirt, cardigan, sweater of bright colors. The presence of geometric drawing and bright print is welcomed.

No less sophisticated dark grey trousers look with black blouses and medium intensity variants. The narrow white stripes that decorate the blouse will soften the overall impression of the set, giving the image a touch of sophistication. The final chord will be high-heeled shoes.

The line of grey shades will allow creating a bright and original monochrome image. An organic complement to the set will be one or two shades of darker accessories. A win-win choice is the dark variants that are close to black. Stylists offer to pay attention to the colors of slate, coal, wet stone, and monsoon. The sophisticated fashionistas use no more than three shades in one set, then the grey monochrome set will advantageously emphasize the advantages, hiding the disadvantages of the figure.