Sport shorts

If in the formation of your everyday wardrobe you are not limited by the “rigid” frames of the dress code, take a look at the Bermuda shorts, which are just above the knee. This style is ideal for urban walks, and due to the texture of the fabric look more strictly and stylishly than summer beach shorts. Complete the look with heeled sandals and a tweed jacket - and the perfect look for get-togethers with friends, or for a summer party with friends is ready! By the way, such fashionable shorts are also suitable for creating an office look. On a hot summer day, in combination with a classic shirt, a stylish belt, knitted Bermuda shorts will be very handy.

Women's sports shorts have long and deservedly gained popularity among athletes and ordinary girls as clothing for everyday wear. In the heat of summer, they become especially relevant. What are their peculiarities and uniqueness?

Sport shorts

First, it is the convenience of cutting and special materials that allow the skin to breathe in hot weather in heavy traffic. A huge range of models of different colors for every taste and purse is available. And of course we should not forget about the femininity of this element of clothing. It allows showing slender legs. Secondly, it is the popularity of sports style in clothing that is firmly in the urban youth fashion.

To choose sports shorts, you have to decide what you plan to do in them. Different activities imply different requirements for clothing. There are shorts for the beach, running, fitness, and volleyball. But there are a number of common indicators that you should consider when buying:

• how much the product absorbs and removes moisture.

• lack of fasteners, buttons, lightning.

• comfortable fitting without constriction and impaired blood circulation.

• the presence of a lining of mesh or "breathable" fabric.

• convenience and practicality of use and care.

Half of these properties are determined by the materials and quality of the fabric, so when choosing, you need to look at the label for the product.

The most common materials for sewing sportswear are polyester and polyamide with elastane for better fit and compression. They have significant advantages over cotton and other fabrics. Among the pros:

• high wear resistance;

• do not roll;

• well absorb and remove moisture;

• do not fade;

• pleasing to the skin;

• keep well in shape;

• do not require special care.

It's easy to choose the color of your shorts. It is enough to read the recommendations of designers and look through your wardrobe to combine with the other clothes. At the latest shows, the designers offered an extensive color palette for women's sports shorts. In fashion, black, beige, gray, white, pink, blue, are dominated. In addition to the classic colors, a strip has come to the sporty fashion. If you do not manage to buy striped shorts or prefer classic combinations in clothes, then you can create a trendy look just wearing a striped T-shirt.