Three-piece suits

The fashionable suit is the opportunity to remain a woman (charming, sophisticated, stylish!) both in business and even in a relaxed atmosphere. Lightweight sets of tops and shorts, T-shirts and breeches are unsurpassed in comfort and functionality. In such casual suits it is appropriate to relax in the country in the warm season, and if you want to go home, do fitness or other activities. Inexpensive women's suits are appreciated by women all over the world. Branded women's suits are adapted to the physiological, domestic and aesthetic needs of a modern fashionista, and therefore are distinguished by comprehensive practicality.

One of the most popular things that, according to stylists, should be included in the basic wardrobe of the modern business lady, is a three-piece suit. By the way, this stylish set is popular not only with businesswomen. It is also worn by ordinary girls who embody fashion trends in their images.

Three-piece suits

Women's suit has a long history. The idea was brought to life by the famous British tailor John Redfern. The talented fashion designer became famous for creating outfits for the royal family. Especially for Princess Alexandra, he created an original outfit consisting of a skirt on a floor and a jacket, which resembled both a coat and a man's coat at the same time. Thanks to his innovation suit gained insane popularity, becoming an indispensable element of modern fashion and a fading classic.

Unlike other items of the wardrobe, the women's trouser three-piece suit has several indisputable advantages. First, it allows the lady to emphasize the merits of the figure and hide the disadvantages. For example, a loose jacket and a fitting vest, acting like a corset, mask a tummy full of hips; flared trousers will hide not too beautiful legs; the flirt skirt will draw attention away from the massive bottom. But ordinary dress, in particular fitted, on the contrary, focuses on the imperfections of the physique. Secondly, the suit allows the girl to create many stylish images. By acquiring a 3 in 1 thing, it gives you the opportunity to experiment with ways to create interesting non-banal looks. And the skillful selection of jewelry and accessories to the costume allows women to look in the eyes of others with a special taste.

Suits can be combined with blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, tops, jumpers. Costumes are also worn individually, for example, the jacket looks great with jeans, a cardigan, a jacket, a jacket can be thrown over the dress, and the suit pants are a luxurious pair with chiffon, silk, satin blouse. Shoed with the suit may also be different. Of course, the ideal option is classic closed shoes with a stable heel, without decor elements. Exactly such shoes are registered in the dress code.